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A Watch That Does More Than Just Tell The Time The Apple Watch gives you an accurate reading of the time. It is an ideal fit into your busy daily life and helps you stay on schedule, in constant connection and moving in the right direction. That’s not all it also helps you pay more heed to your health and fitness and never stops thinking of ways to keep you more active. This is much more than a watch and everything a watch should be. Give Timekeeping a Makeover Make the best out of your day with the Apple Watch that not just tells you the time but helps you manage it successfully. It is tailor cut to fit your lifestyle and apart from giving you the accurate time also enables you to work with time in ways that suit you best. So if you have to be with someone on an important occasion, make sure you are there on time. See Time Your Style The Apple Watch gives you over two million different ways to see time. It is available in a variety of watch faces that you can change when you feel like it. Add specialized functions to most faces whenever you like. These additions are known as complications in watchmaking. You can choose stopwatches, stock quotes, weather updates and lots more. Mix and match your unique style. Combining options lets you expand the possibilities for personalization. Get More Intimate The Apple Watch lets you connect more intimately. Don’t just see and respond to messages, calls and notifications, feel them. This is not so much about reading words on a screen as it is about making a genuine connection. Stay Tight Knit This amazing watch gives you instant and easy access to the people you are closest to. All you have to do is press the button next to the Digital Crown, and you have ready access to Friends. Friends is a place that holds thumbnails of those you stay in touch with the most. Just tap a thumbnail, and you’ll be able to stay in touch with everyone who matter to you via calls, messages, or some new ways that this watch makes possible. Subtle and Unique Notification Alerts The Apple Watch alerts you of messages, calls and mail that you receive with customized taps. The audio cues are just as subtle, and different sorts of notifications have their unique ways of alerting you. Find out who’s trying to reach you with just a glance. You Move It, Apple Tracks It The watch is a brilliant combination of an all day fitness tracker and an advanced sports watch. It measures your movement with far more precision as it tracks a wider variety of activities with its ability to collect more types of data. It measures your total body movement using an accelerometer. A custom sensor measures the intensity of your physical activity by tracking your heart rate while the GPS and WiFi in your iPhone help track the distance you’ve covered. Fitness at Your Wrist The Watch features something called the Activity App that delivers a simple and impacting graphic of your daily activity. It is simple to understand as it is comprised of three rings that present everything you need to know. These three rings include the Move ring, the Exercise ring and the Stand ring. The Move ring depicts the amount of calories you’ve burned, the Exercise ring illustrates the number of minutes of brisk activity, while the Stand ring shows you how often you’ve stood up from a seated position. What’s the point of these rings you may ask? They help you on your path to a more healthy and active lifestyle. Move around more, refrain from staying stationary too long and get in some exercise. Highway to Fitness The Apple Watch also features a Workout App that gives you a more detailed measurement. It’s helpful during, say, a cardio workout and gives you valuable realtime stats in regards to time, distance, calories, and pace. Set a goal for yourself before you start out on your regular workout routine. This watch eggs you on with some much required encouragement for you to meet and surpass your goals. It gives you a thorough account of what your achievements are, so you will constantly strive to do better. Look Back You can now keep track of your progress over the day, a week and even a month. This is possible thanks to the Fitness app that accompanies your Apple Watch on your iPhone. Monitor your activity history over long periods of time with this app and see how far you’ve come. The watch also comes with a Health app on iPhone that enables you to share your activity and workout data with other fitness apps. Experience Your Favorite Apps The Apple Watch is a new way to enjoy all of your favorite apps. It’s not just a new location for the apps but a completely revamped experience too. With Glances, a new time saving feature, relevant information from each app is condensed, thus enabling you to scan easily on the fly. Be alerted of notifications instantly with this little watch that taps you every time you get one.

Set Contains:

Watch Set, Charger and Headset


Apple iPad 2 is packed with powerful features in a slim body. Apple iPad 16GB is extremely user friendly and will keep you engaged for long stretches of hours.The Apple iPad 2 comes with iOS, which is an exclusive operating system invented by the brand. With a 9.7 inch screen and a widescreen, LED backlit display, this tablet from Apple surpasses all expectations. Equipped with modern features like Retina display and FaceTime calling, and a variety of built in applications, the iPad 2 makes operating your daily tasks a breeze. The Apple tablet is an effective combination of innovative technology and powerful features. The resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 132ppi boasts of clarity. The oleophobic coating keeps the screen crystal clear and resistant to fingerprints. The Apple iPad 2 uses a support for the display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously, and is designed to meet the modern standards of technology. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which offers long hours of operation.


Apple iPad 2 Tablet Physical Features


601 g

Dual-core 1 GHz

16 GB

Main Camera 0.7 MP 
Front Camera VGA


512 MB RAM



Apple iPad 2 Tablet

The Apple iPad 2 features a 9.7inch, LED backlit, multi touch, capacitive touch screen, which offers clarity and makes visuals come alive. To further enhance the viewing experience, this Apple tablet is incorporated with a Retina display Ttechnology, which offers more depth and colors.


Apple iPad 2 Tablet

The oleophobic coating makes the screen resistant to fingerprints, thus keeping it clean. For razor sharp text and detailed images, the tablet’s display features 3.1 million pixels and 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, offering better viewing angles.


Apple iPad 2 Tablet

The Apple A5 SoC 1GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor with PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics boosts the performance of this device and allows you to run all applications and programs seamlessly. The iOS 4.3 is effective in increasing the response time, and the 512MB RAM gives you the liberty to enjoy lag free multitasking.

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Original Apple Watch + Original Apple iPad

Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Original Apple Watch + Original Apple iPad

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