Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

What is the return policy on

We aim to ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience and completely satisfied with your purchase. We take pride in the quality of products sold on this Site and offering great customer service is our top priority.

We offer 30 Days Return period with NO Questions Asked.

To avoid any inconvenience we might offer to issue a return AWB for the Delivery Agent to collect the item and Deliver it to us.  Please refer to our General Return Policy for more details.

What is an exchange?

By exchange, we mean returning an item to receive a different colour or size of the same item which is of the same value.

How do I return my purchase?

If you wish to return an item, please contact us by calling or emailing us so that we assist you with the correct returns procedure.

Once you have contacted us, you will be asked to:

  • Fill Return Request Form online
  • Package the items safely to avoid damage during transit
  • Include a printed copy of the following documents inside the package to be returned
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Return Request Form, completed with your reason for return
  • A copy of the return delivery label (in case the label comes unstuck in transit)
  • Stick the return delivery label on the outside of the package
  • Contact the delivery agent when your package is ready to be sent back.

How long do I have to return a product?

You need to initiate your communication with us via an email or a call within 3 calendar days from the date of delivery and 30 days from the date of your order.

Are there any items that are not returnable?

Yes, the following items are not eligible for return:

  • Magazines, CDs, DVDs & Gift cards
  • Downloadable software products and digital content
  • All Health, Beauty & Perfumes
  • Home Textiles, accessories and furniture
  • Bikini, bottoms, briefs, underwear, swimwear, Socks & Stocking
  • Products made to order, Personalized products, e.g. Mugs and T-shirts with names and/or personal pictures
  • Tickets for events, movies, shows and exhibitions
  • Vintage and collector items
  • Sealed products where the seal has been broken
  • Worn, damaged or altered items
  • With expired Warranty and/or Return period.
  • Any items after inspection, in our sole, discretion we consider its condition is not covered under warranty or Return or exchange
  • ABUSE: unauthorized test or repair, unauthorized downgrade or upgrade, warranty sticker void, liquid spill, physical damaged items, Scratched screens, burnt products, products used in above or lower than usual climate conditions (dust, humidity, temperature, Etc), extremely dirty products
  • Consumable items: Batteries, INKS, Toners
  • Items with missing accessories such as and not limited to remote controls, cords and cables, power adapters, Etc.
  • Without valid order number, Invoice and all other required documents
  • Sold during promotional period or markedSaleor On Sale or price Drop, Specials, Featured, Today Deals, Daily Deals or any other products which is selling with discount.
  • Containing complete with SIM-cards
  • If installed
  • Sold in a disposable packaging if the packaging has been opened.

How will I be refunded for my purchase?

  • Once your items have been returned to the Seller and it has been inspected and approved (usually within 7 Calendar Days hours of receipt), your refund will be processed within 7 Calendar Days from the date of authorization. Please allow up 21 working days before contacting us if you haven't received your refund. Depending on your bank / credit card Company, it may take an additional 2-10 business days after processing for the credited amount to show in your account.
  • For credit card or debit card purchases, refunds will be credited to the original credit card or debit card account. If we are unable to process your refund due to an expired credit card, then we will notify you by email and arrange for an alternative account to refund method.
  • For Cash on Delivery (COD) purchases, refunds will be managed through Cash Refunds or Voucher Refunds.

My order was cancelled before it was shipped, so when can I expect to receive a refund?

  • Cancellation fees might apply; Refunds for cancelled orders are usually processed within 2 to 3 weeks of your order being cancelled, but please allow up to 21 working days before contacting us if you haven't received your refund.
  • Depending on your bank / credit card company, it may take an additional 2-10 business days for the credited amount to show in your account.

What happens if I return an item that included a free gift or was part of a bundle or package?

In order to receive a full refund, you need to return the gift with purchase and/or the bundled/ packaged items.

Do I need to sign for my order?

For all deliveries the Delivery Agent will ask for your signature and ID card at the time of delivery.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or wrong?

While Sellers take great care to ensure that your products are packaged safely to protect items from transit damage, we do accept that damage may occur.

Upon handing over the order to you and before receiving the item, please:

  • Make sure, that AWB is addressed to your name and that the Plastic Packing Bag that contains your order is sealed, if not then refuse to receive the order and please call or emails us.
  • Make sure that the packaging is in its perfect condition as you will sign for its acceptance. Please be well informed that we will not accept any intensive damaged items.
  • Once your order is received by you and has signed Received, we consider that you have accepted and received the item correctly and in good condition. If Order is wrong or not in good condition, you have the right to refuse receiving the order.
  • Call or email us within 12 hrs of delivery in case the ITEM(s) are DAMAGED or INCOMPLETE or INCORRECT.

Will my exchange or return request ever be denied?

  • Some items cannot be returned. Please see the FAQ Are there any items that are not returnable? & our General Return Policy for more details.
  • If the items returned are not in the original condition, Sellers may refuse to honour an exchange or refund.
  • Sometimes retailers are unable to exchange an item due to unavailability of the stock. In that case you will be refunded for the value of the item.

Do your return delivery labels cover the cost of shipping returns?

If you have received a wrong delivery or the item that you have received is not as pictured or described or in case you have received a damaged or faulty item and you reported that to us within the terms defined by our General Return Policy then  the return shipping will be of no charge for you.

If you are returning an item for any reason or any terms other than the above, then you will need to bear the cost of return shipping.



Why did my order arrive in separate boxes and at separate times?

The most common reason for one order containing multiple items to arrive at different time, or in more than one delivery, is that the items may have been purchased from different Sellers and therefore packages have been processed in different locations and sent at different times.

How should I package an item that has to be returned to the Seller?

To ensure that your item is returned to the Seller in the best possible condition, please see the below guideline.

Packaging Tips:

  • Choose the size of the package according to its contents
  • Under-filled boxes may collapse
  • Overloaded ones may burst
  • Packaging should be of a sturdy and tear resistant material
  • Add cushioning materials (bubble wraps, etc) where required to stop your package contents from moving or getting damaged.
  • Put fragile goods in the centre of a package, ensuring that they don't touch the sides
  • Ensure liquids are stored in leak-free containers and sealed with a plastic bag
  • Please use an ‘arrow-up’ label for non-solid materials
  • Please make sure that there are no sharp, protruding edges or points in your package. Cover such surfaces to blunt them
  • Check the weight specification of the return delivery label and do not exceed the limit (or you may be asked to pay for additional delivery charges).

Labeling Tips:

  • Make sure that the address on the return delivery label is clear and legible
  • Please affix the return delivery label to the top of the package
  • Ensure that the return delivery label is securely affixed to the package
  • Please remove all old delivery labels or address labels from the package
  • Please ensure that the barcode area of the return delivery label is placed on a flat surface
  • Please include a return address and telephone number (in case the item cannot be delivered)
  • Before sealing your package, please put an additional printed copy of the return delivery label inside the box.
  • You may also wish to include your contact information, which will help the delivery agent if the outer delivery label becomes detached in transit.


Payment, Payment methods and Pricing

Why does an item have different prices?

iWady has many Sellers and each one sets their own prices. In addition, a retailer may have a special offer or promotion. iWady gives you the ability to compare different products easily and choose the best deal.

Is it safe to submit my credit or debit card information on iWady?

Yes, we understand that the safety of your personal information and especially your credit card information is extremely important to you. We have therefore put stringent security measures in place to ensure that your credit card and personal information is never at risk. Credit Card / Debit Card information will be saved on a very secure banking system and not on this Site.

Will iWady send me an order confirmation?

Yes, an order confirmation will be emailed to your registered email address once the transaction has been completed.

A copy of your order confirmation will also be saved to your account so that you may retrieve the transaction information at any time.

Please call or email us, if you should require further assistance.

Do I pay any fees or surcharges to iWady for shopping online?

No, you will only pay the price of the item as it is shown on this Site along with the delivery costs as detailed in your Shopping Cart before you check out.

If your items are to be delivered outside of the United Arab Emirates, then Customs and other Duties may apply. Such duties will be payable to the delivery agent on delivery.

*Currently Electronic payment service is unavailable for Users on this Site and it will be available soon.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept Credit Cards (issued by Visa, MasterCard), most Debit Cards as well as Cash on Delivery (COD). COD is accepted for orders that are to be delivered within the United Arab Emirates.

*Currently Electronic payment service is unavailable for Users on this Site and it will be available soon.

Can I email my credit card information to iWady?

To ensure your credit card information is not compromised, please do not email your credit card information to iWady or any of its employees.

Please note that we will not ask you for your credit card information and that you should be suspicious of any person or any email that claims to be from iWady asking for credit card or account information.

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes, we do accept most international credit cards, but we retain the right to refuse credit cards from certain countries, credit card companies, card issuers and banks.

*Currently Electronic payment service is unavailable for Users on this Site and it will be available soon.

Do you accept commercial credit cards?

No, we do not accept commercial credit cards at this time.

*Currently Electronic payment service is unavailable for Users on this Site and it will be available soon.

Do you charge sales tax on any item?

No, in the United Arab Emirates most items are not taxed. Items sold on iWady do not therefore have sales taxes added.

How do charges from iWady appear on my bank statement?

Statements on your credit card or debit card account will show that your order was purchased from iWady.

*Currently Electronic payment service is unavailable for Users on this Site and it will be available soon.

I have an unauthorized charge from iWady. Can you tell me what this charge is for?

In the unlikely event that a payment discrepancy should occur or that you should find a discrepancy concerning iWady on your bank statement, please call or email  us for prompt assistance.


Product Orders

How do I change the quantity of an item in my Shopping Cart?

You can change the quantity of any item in your Shopping Cart, by changing the quantity in the text box adjacent to Product Name and under Quantity column.

Please remember to click Update Quantity button, if you have changed the quantity of any item, so that system can recalculate the prices.

What do the different product statuses at IWady mean?

The Major possible statuses are:

  • 07 RETURN REQUEST - CONFIRMED AWB ISSUED                        

How do I remove an item from my Shopping Cart?

You can remove individual items from your shopping Cart by clicking the ‘Delete’ link next to each item.

Can I buy items on iWady by calling your customer service team?

While we are very happy to hear from our customers, we are unable to accept orders over the phone, as we will not accept credit card information over the phone. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it is an important policy to ensure the security of your transactions.

Am I buying items from iWady or from individual stores? is an online Marketplace, consisting of independent Sellers. We provide the ability for these retailers to sell their products online, so you are buying products directly from the Sellers, but your card statement will show that the payment was made to iWady.

Can I pick up items that I buy online at the physical store/warehouse?

At present it is not possible for you to arrange collection of the items you buy online from physical store/ warehouse. All orders must be delivered by iWady delivery Agent.

Can I cancel an order if I change my mind after ordering?

If you have changed your mind after ordering, you can still cancel the order as long as it has not yet been dispatched to the Delivery Agent for collection. There may be products that cannot be cancelled once they have been produced, such as personalised or tailored items.

Please note however that we will not be able to assist you with an order cancellation if the order has already been dispatched for delivery.

We therefore encourage you to call or email us as soon as you change your mind so that we are better able to assist you with the order cancellation.

How do I change my delivery address?

Once you have placed an order, we don’t allow delivery address to be changed. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it is an important policy to ensure the security of your transactions.


Safety and Security

Is my personal information safe on and who will see it?

Please be assured that we take your privacy seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how we collect personal information, what types of personal information we collect, what we do with it and what we do to safeguard it.

Will sell my personal information? will not sell your personal information. We respect the privacy of your information and realise that you care about the way that your information is treated, used and shared. We have taken great care to ensure that your information is protected throughout your dealings with

What information is collected about me when I visit the site?

iWady does not require any of your personal information in order for you to access to any part of our site, unless specifically stated. We may ask for specific information in order to provide a service to you, such as sending information to you.

We do anonymously track traffic patterns using cookies, in order to measure site performance and make improvements. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer that are read by the browser.

Do I have to log out of when I have finished shopping?

If others have access to your computer or device and you do not want them to have access to your account information, then we strongly encourage you to log out of before leaving your computer or device unattended.

You can log out by clicking on the 'Log out' link at the top of the page.


Products and catalogs

Why can I not find an item that was displayed on before?

It is possible that the Seller is not selling the item any more, or that the manufacturer no longer produces it, but there may be other reasons.

Items may from time-to-time be removed from by Sellers if they choose to discontinue selling these items. Items that were available earlier may not be viewable once they have been discontinued.

Additionally, as newer items are added to iWady stores, the item that you might have seen before will now have moved further down the product listing. If you would like to find a specific product on that is no longer available where it was shown previously, we recommend that you use iWady's search tool, as your item may be available elsewhere.

Will the color and tone of the product shown on be exactly the same as the item that will be delivered to me?

The images of the products on are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your device's display of the colours and tones will accurately reflect the colour and tone of the actual product. Your product may vary slightly from the images on for a variety of reasons, including inconsistencies in device displays and different light sources.

If your ordered product is delivered in a completely different color to what is displayed on (e.g. white instead of black), then you may return the unused product for a full refund.

Please refer to General Return Policy for more information. Membership

Do I have to be a registered member to buy on iWady?

Yes, you have to be a registered member in order to shop at, so that you can save information for the next time you visit, such as address, contact and payment information as well as a Wish List of items you are interested in. You will also be able to view order history.

What benefits and privileges are only available to members?

As a member, you will have access to the following information and privileges:

  • Manage Account Information
  • Access Your Order History
  • notifications and promotions
  • Save multiple delivery addresses
  • Your order receipts can be retrieved from your account

How do I register to become a iWady member?

Click Register. This will start registration process and open up Registration page, which is very friendly and self explanatory.


Managing my account

How do I manage my account on

Once registered on, the My Account section allows you manage your account using a dashboard that provides;

Change Password, email Address & Personal Information

Manage My Address Book

View Order History

My Favourite List

I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the "forgot password" link and enter your registered email address and answer the Security Question. If the information provided matches the details stored with IWady, we will email a new password to the registered email address.

Once you have logged in with your new password we recommend that you change your new password to something unique and more memorable to you.

Why am I not receiving any emails from

You may experience problems receiving email that was sent from IWady because of SPAM or Junk email configurations on your email client.

To ensure that you will receive email that is being sent to you from

  • Check your 'Safe Sender' settings and then add to your safe sender settings.
  • Check your Junk or SPAM email folders for any IWady emails that may have been sent by IWady. if any such emails are listed, then ‘Move’ these emails to your inbox.

If you have an email account with Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail then we strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines above.

How do I change my email address?

Login into and click My Account link on the header. On Account page, click Change My Personal Information link to change your registered eMail.

How do I unsubscribe from iWady notifications?

To unsubscribe to IWady alerts, go to your profile page on and uncheck the option to receive mail updates.



How do I track my package?

Login into and click My Account link on the header. On Account page, click View Order History link to track your order/ package.

Please feel free to call or email us if you require further assistance.

Can you deliver my order to a P.O. Box address?

No, we do not deliver to P.O. Box addresses as we require each package to be signed for by the recipient of the package.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Standard delivery orders to destinations within the UAE are usually delivered within 1 to 5 business days.

* We do NOT offer International shipping options at this time but once it is offered:

Deliveries to GCC countries are usually delivered within 4 to 8 business days, and other international destinations within 9 to 12 business days.

Please note that deliveries to international destinations can be delayed because of inspections by customs authorities and that these delays are not included in our delivery estimates.

How much does delivery Cost?

Delivery Fees, within UAE may vary from 100% free delivery to a nominal fee.

Fees may vary depending on the item nature, dispatching & delivery locations.

Delivery rates are calculated at the time of checkout based on the items you choose, so you know exactly what the cost of delivery is before placing your order.

Please note that for international orders may incur additional costs like customs duties and that such costs will be payable by you to the shipper when your items are delivered.

Is international delivery offered?

Not at the moment, but soon we deliver to most International destinations unless a Seller has limited certain products or brands to certain countries.

Can I have items sent to different addresses?

We currently don’t allow multiple delivery addresses for products/items ordered in a single order. You will have to place a separate order with specific delivery address.

Why are shipping restriction applied to certain items?

* We do NOT offer International shipping options at this time but once it is offered.

Due to international trading agreements and regulations and based on the franchise agreement of our retailers, we are unable to send certain items to certain countries.

If you add a product to your shopping bag that we are unable to ship to your country, you will be prompted to remove it. Alternatively, you can change your shipping address to a different destination where these restrictions do not apply.

Embargoed countries



Customer and Technical Support

How can I reach Customer Support for assistance?

Please feel free to contact our friendly and effective customer service team on any of the following support channels:

What are iWady .com Customer Support's operating hours?

Please feel free to contact Customer Support between 08:00 to 17:00 (GMT +4), Saturday thru Thursday.

If you call us during non working hours, you can leave a recorded message so that we may return your call the next day.

Who is

iWady is an initiative by DCrush LLC, to bring shoppers and Sellers closer together in a convenient and safe environment. You can find out more by visiting the About us page.

Is it safe to shop at

We understand that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you. We have therefore put stringent security measures in place to ensure that your online shopping experience at is as safe as possible.

How do I shop at

Log on to to start shopping after registration.

How do I checkout?

You can add the products/ items in your Cart. Clicking Checkout button on your Shopping Cart page, you can start the Checkout process.

Can I buy more than 1 item at a time?

Yes, you can add as many items as you like to your Shopping Cart as long as the total weight & dimensions of all the items in your order is within the predetermined delivery limits  and then perform one Checkout to purchase them together as one order.

Can I buy from more than 1 Seller in one checkout?

Yes, you can buy items from multiple Sellers and purchase them together with a single Checkout. You will be shown a total for each Seller and a grand total for the whole order. Please note that your items may not all be delivered together in one package.