Indoor/Outdoor LED Decorative Lights


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1. Product Working voltage 220V (do Voltage 24-230V)
2. The light string length: 10M (light from 10CM).
3. Working life: 60000-100000 hours.

4.LED specification and quantity: Color band end plug (to connect lit) 100 LED lights.

5. This product wire with PVC transparent wire, light bulbs outsourcing transparent PVC casing, the casing made of heat sol grain waterproof rating of IP54, high temperature, low temperature, waterproof, anti-oxidation, cables and other harsh environments Material quality is not easy degradation.

6. This product with eight-function waterproof controller, there is a gradual, flash, slow flash, chasing, flash back and forth, sweeping, flashing, steady, and other functions. Adjustable ideal for their own functions.

7. This product can be customized according to customer requirements (light bulb string length and color, increase or decrease the lamp. Steady or with controller, can be connected to the formula approach)

8. Crystal sets do heart-shaped, pointed, flower, but also to OEM.

9. depending on customer requirements, can be made in different shapes light strings decorations such as snowflakes, five-pointed star, seven-pointed star, peach, heart-shaped, diamond, ball, etc., you can also create different colors lamp beads and wire.

Application: decorative building outlines, landscape lighting, entertainment, holiday decorations, window display and decoration stores, bars, nightclubs, streets, sidewalks, parks, stairs, railings, ceilings, driveways and other decorations.

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Indoor/Outdoor LED Decorative Lights

Indoor/Outdoor LED Decorative Lights

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